Preventative Maintenance

Preventive Maintenance is a set schedule of planned maintenance actions aimed at the prevention of vehicular breakdowns and system failures, all geared toward helping to prolong the life of the vehicle and reduce vehicle failures. Preventative Maintenance will give you a worry-free driving experience for as long as possible in your vehicle. Automotive experts and technicians say the key to keeping vehicles running well today as well as tomorrow is scheduled, preventive maintenance. Many drivers are unaware of the technology changes in basic automotive operation, so having scheduled maintenance will keep you protected everyday for as long as possible.

The Car Care Council found this to be true in a recent survey:

  • 38 percent of cars had low or dirty engine oil
  • 54 percent had low tire pressure
  • 28 percent had inadequate cooling protection
  • 19 percent needed new belts
  • 16 percent had dirty air filters
  • 10 percent had low or contaminated brake fluid

For these and many other reasons, you need to turn to the best in Delaware for your vehicles.