30 – 60 – 90 Service

A complete inspection of the major systems should be done at regular intervals as recommended by your car’s manufacturer. For this in-depth check of your vehicle, our skilled mechanics perform a visual courtesy check and a hands-on inspection of the brake, steering and suspension and exhaust systems to make sure they meet the vehicle manufacturer’s specifications.

30-60-90 ServiceCertified Automotive can help spot issues before they cause damage, and keep your car running at peak performance.

Is it time for a car Tune-Up?

It may be time for an auto tune-up if you notice any of the following occurring with your vehicle:

  • Decrease in gas mileage
  • Noticeable loss of power or “Rough” engine running
  • Stalling at stops
  • Engine noise or “knocking” during acceleration or run-on (dieseling) after turning off the ignition
  • ‘Check Engine’ Light or ‘Service Engine Soon’ lights are on

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